International Insight

IDR is ahead of the game! Latin America is currently a popular area to conduct clinical trials due to its patient volume and accessibility to rare diseases. An advantage over other sites regardless of the location, achieving an average of 95% compliance in the majority of the trials. When the other companies are starting to walk, IDR is already running!

Dominican Republic

On the eastern edge of the Caribbean, IDR’s operations in the Dominican Republic are spread across five separate sites, offering the ability to conduct simultaneous trials in one country – reducing the amount of time needed to travel and monitor Phase I through Phase IV clinical trials. These facilities which offer expertise in women’s health, dermatology, and infectious diseases are among the most experienced in our network with extensive research backgrounds.


Fully state-of-the-art, our Honduras facility is outfitted with leading edge research, diagnostic, and testing equipment for both dermatology and women’s health. This location specializes in Phase I to IV clinical trials, allowing for continuous monitoring under controlled conditions and in keeping with strict international medical for Phase 1 Studies, research standards.


As Panama continues to become a global gateway city, IDR’s well established facilities in the country presents a significant advantage to global clinical research efforts. Our locations focus on both dermatology and women’s health conditions. Clients served from these facilities include both cosmetic and pharmaceutical firms counting with a pediatric dermatologist specializing in difficult pediatric dermatological conditions like psoriasis.


Our Nicaragua location offers the benefit of an established medical and clinical research environment, in a country that is easily accessible f\rom all major U.S. cities. IDR offers the same level of excellence for dermatological trials ranging from Phases II – IV.

Costa Rica

Our Costa Rica facility is set up to perform Phase IIto IV clinical trials. Costa Rica is one of the top international destinations for conducting pharmaceutical research, and IDR’s location is at the forefront in terms of technology and innovation

El Salvador

IDR has been conducting clinical trials in El Salvador for the last 10 years. Our established presence in the area makes us a trusted provider for Dermatology Clinical trials. What’s more, our facilities are centrally located near transportation hubs, hospitals, and other health care operations- offering superior accessibility for the patients participating in the studies. Our Investigators are associated with local universities and health institutes, thus having access to a high volume of patients.

Miami, Headquarters

Currently IDR has its operations in the following countries:

  • Dominican Republic: 3 Dermatology Sites, 2 Women Health Sites, and 1 Infectious Diseases Site.
  • Honduras: 1 Dermatology and 1 Women Health Site.
  • Panama: 2 Dermatology and 1 Women Health Site.
  • Costa Rica: 1 Dermatology Site.
  • El Salvador: 2 Dermatology Sites.
  • Nicaragua: 1 Dermatology Site.

the latin american advantage

IDR Research Director has been supervising studies in Latin America for the past 39 years. Said years of experience enables us to handle all pre-study procedures in a timely fashion, facilitating Sponsors/CROs to conduct cost effective trials, rating IDR as on e of the most efficient worldwide organizations.

Due to their vast experience and patient volume, our international sites allow IDR, Inc. to provide fast enrollment, as well as high compliance even with clinical trials in conditions difficult to conduct in the U.S.